Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique that consists of gripping and stretching the tissues in order to release the deep muscle fibers between the different layers of muscles and fascias, as well as the postural muscles.

With a therapeutic scope of action, deep tissue massage excels in muscle relaxation and improvement of locomotor problems. Properly performed, it can also lead to relaxation.

60 min – $125

Therapeutic massage

Ce type de massage cible une partie spécifique du corps. Les manoeuvres multiples permettent au thérapeute d’atteindre une meilleure profondeur, qui aura pour effet de réduire considérablement la douleur musculaire et articulaire.

30 min – 70$

60 min – 125$

Pressothérapie: 30 min – 40$


Pressotherapy is a method of drainage, carried out in a mechanical way thanks to a device. This method helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. It relieves, among other things, the phenomena of heavy legs and water retention.