Swedish massage

Slow and deep massage technique. This technique favors a great relaxation and a deep relaxation while decreasing the tensions of the body due to the stress. This massage also helps to activate the circulation of energy in the body.


Californian massage is characterized by long, fluid and enveloping movements. This technique allows the recipient to reappropriate his or her body and become aware of his or her own being. During the treatment, the massage therapist is always in contact with the client. His reassuring presence offers the client the opportunity to refocus, to relax deeply and also to evacuate stress.

Lymphatic drainage

This method consists of gentle movements performed with the fingers and palms of the hands over the entire body. The movements are directed in the directions of the lymphatic circulation. They create a lymph pumping effect, thanks to changes in pressure exerted on the body. In addition, this approach can be combined with the use of pressotherapy devices, which allows pressure to be applied simultaneously to various areas.


Related to acupressure, reflexology targets physiological or emotional problems by using specific points on the foot. This technique stimulates or soothes organs, systems and regions of the body by using the meridians.

30 min – 70$

60 min – 125$

Hair care

The hair treatment nourishes the scalp and sublimates the hair while releasing tensions to reach a deep state of bliss.

30 min – $70

60 min – $125

Prenatal massage

Reduction of stress and better immunity in pregnant women

Prenatal massage is also used to improve mood and overall well-being during pregnancy. According to some studies, pregnant women who received a series of prenatal massages showed a significant decrease in stress hormone levels and improved immune function.