Le Riverain restaurant

The authentic lakeside view and sumptuous design  combined with  Ripplecove’s culinary experience will take you above and beyond your expectations. Inspired by the finest array of local and regional produce, our Chef’s innovative creations will please the most discerning palate.  Pair your personal selection with a fine vintage from our award winning wine cellar and complete the adventure.

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  • Breakfast Menu

    Good morning!

    We work diligently with local suppliers to provide our guests with the finest and freshest produce available. We are always interested in any comments that you may have.

    To start your day $25

    • Fresh juice
    • Homemade granola
    • Natural yogurt with choice of toppings
    • Pastries of the day
    • Medley of fresh fruit
    • Regional Québec cheese

    Daily Suggestions

    • Eggs Benedict on an English muffin with spinach, hollandaise, ham, or smoked salmon
    • Scrambled eggs with black truffle, chives, buttered toast
    • Eggs prepared as you like: over-easy, poached, scrambled...
    • French toast with pecan, maple syrup and pear comfit
    • Buttermilk pancake with ginger whipped cream, elderflower, and blueberry syrup
    • Oatmeal with brown sugar or blackberry, hazelnut, honey and mint


    • Espresso 3.50
    • Double Espresso4.50
    • Cappuccino3.95
    • English Cream (cup)3.95
    • English Cream (bowl)4.95
    • Additional charge for extra items

    Tea, Herbal Infusions

    • White Tea 3.50
    • White Orchard; blend of melon, peach
    • Black Teas 3.50
    • Organic Earl Grey; twist of organic bergamot oil
    • Decaffeinated Earl Grey; decaffeinated black tea leaves
    • English Breakfast
    • Orange Dulce;orange, vanilla, jasmine blossoms
    • Green Teas 3.50
    • Organic Hojicha;rich hazelnut taste
    • Marrakech Mint;green tea, Moroccan peppermint
    • Tropical Green Tea;sweet tropical fruit
    • Herbal Infusions 3.50
    • Citrus Chamomile; Egyptian camomile, citrus
    • Rainforest Maté;fruit and spices
    • African Nectar;rooibos, tropical fruit
    • Ginger Twist;lemongrass, fruit, mint, ginger, ginseng
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  • Lunch Menu


    “Le Riverain restaurant creates an unpretentious cuisine in an atmosphere of understated luxury, with respect for tradition that succeeds in unifying classics with modernity.

    This excellence rests on the careful selection of the best seasonal produce available in the Eastern Townships and presented with imagination to satisfy the gourmet, those who delight in the true taste of exceptional products.”


    • Soup of the day10
    • Venison tartare with pickled beet and mushroom crisp12
    • Quinoa salad with apple, kale, camelina oil and lemon juice vinaigrette14
    • Roasted chicken terrine with leeks and smoked celery mayonnaise14

    Main courses

    • Braised beef with celeriac purée, mushrooms and burnt onion sauce20
    • Catch of the day with wild rice and miso glazed vegetables20
    • Squash tagliatelle with pecans and blue cheese sauce20
    • Duck confit with green salad, blueberry, onion and juniper vinaigrette21


    • Trio of homemade sherbet and ice cream9
    • Dessert of the day11
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  • Dinner Menu


    Above all, my cuisine is a bridge.

    A connection between you and me, between the land and its bounty, between your traditions and our creations. Appreciate each dish as you would the pages of a good book, embrace the subtle notes of the region’s flavors and be prepared for the element of surprise.

    It is with genuine joy that I wish you ”Bon Appétit”.

    Joris Larigaldie – Executive Chef



    • Celeriac soup with camelina and sea parsley oil paint, burnt garlic16
    • Beef tartare with carrot, onion, miso and egg yolk20
    • Sweetbread tart with green peas, brown butter, honeysuckle berry and mint 20
    • Turbot with leek, potatoes and onion reduction, yarrow18
    • Quail with mushroom, larch and foie gras22

    Main courses

    • Soft boiled egg with buckwheat mushroom risotto, mascarpone and white truffle oil38
    • Beef filet with fermented shallot, black trumpet, raspberry and mash potato44
    • Halibut with turnip purée, angelica oil, black garlic and creamed kombu42
    • Venison with beet, elderflower, elderberry44
    • Pheasant with onion crust, carrot tart, broccoli and hazelnut juice44

    Discovery Menu

    • Discovery Menu95
    • Celeriac soup with camelina and sea parsley oil paint, burnt garlic
    • Turbot with leek, potatoes and onion reduction, yarrow
    • Halibut with buckwheat, buckwheat honey and sunchoke miso
    • Quail mushroom, meleze and foie-gras
    • Venison with elderberry, elderflower, red cabbage
    • Pear sherbet with earl grey
    • Creamy Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey ice cream and raspberry
    • Home Infusion Labrador tea with wild rose, meleze and old man's beard leaves
    • *This 8 course menu may only be served to the entire table
    • Discovery Wine Pairing (6 glasses)65
    • Bergeville blanc, Canton-de-Hatley, méthode traditionelle
    • Sauvignon blanc, Alois Lageder, 2015
    • Pinot gris, Carlton Cellars, Willamette Valley, 2014
    • Azabache, Crianza, Rioja, 2013
    • Château Picard, Cru Bourgeois, 2012
    • Porto blanc, Offley, Cachucha Reserve
    • *This selection of wine has been chosen by our sommelier to be in perfect harmony with our Chef’s 7 course Discovery Menu.

    Sweet Endings

    • Maple Canellé with Semifreddo, lemon, burnt banana and meringue11
    • Creamy Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey ice cream and raspberry11
    • Sea buckthorn parfait, elderflower, hazelnut and black sesame 11
    • Orange Cake with clementine sorbet, blood orange and Grand Marnier11
    • *A selection of the region's finest raw and pasteurized cheese19
    • *Table d’hôte supplement8
    • Your waiter will be pleased to describe this evening’s selection
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  • Bar Menu


    Anchored in its traditions and following the ebb and flow of modernity, the bar-terrace Le Riverain invites you to discover its precious collection of alcohols and wines specially chosen to satisfy the amateur and enhance the flavours of the region.

    Culinary Delights

    • Charcuterie plate with garnish18
    • Cheese platter of Quebec cheeses, grapes, fig and beer compote, nuts (3 oz)18
    • AAA beef hamburger with Le Moine cheese topped with grilled onions, tomato compote and arugula20
    • Curry lobster roll with celery and chive, confit garlic and lemon flavoured aïoli22
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